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Add Privacy to Your Home with Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Many people find that aluminium venetian blinds are a fantastic alternative to curtains and other window furnishings because they’re quite durable. Not only are they a long-lasting option though, they are actually a fantastic choice for adding an extra layer of privacy to your home. If you’re wondering how they can achieve this, you’ve come to the right place!

Increased Privacy

Aluminium blinds are made with dozens of thin horizontal slats – all of which can be adjusted to lie flat or parallel to the window (or lifted completely). It is the huge variety of position options that provide increased privacy to your home without sacrificing your natural lighting. By setting your slats to lie parallel with the window, you can enjoy an abundance of sunlight whilst obscuring the view of passers-by and nosy neighbours into your home.

  • Durability
    Aluminium has a high strength to weight ratio, which gives these blinds exceptional durability. The different slat thicknesses will also give an indication of their strength – the thicker the slat, the higher the durability offered. The metal is also unaffected by moist and humid conditions.
  • Low Maintenance
    This metal is also an incredibly low maintenance material. They can be cleaned using your vacuum cleaner, a duster or by wiping them down with a cleaning agent. The finish is often baked into the aluminium, which means that it won’t need refinishing down the track.
  • Ease Of Installation
    Aluminium venetian blinds are incredibly easy to install – simply mount them on the window. As they are lightweight, they’re also exceptionally easy to transport and handle – in fact, a single installer is often all that is required to have the project finished in a few hours.
  • Light Control
    As we mentioned above, these blinds offer maximum light control settings, as the slats are flat-faced. This means that they can be completely closed when absolute privacy is required or raised completed to allow maximum sunlight through. You also don’t have to worry about light passing through the metal.
  • Cost
    These blinds are an excellent alternative to timber and fauxwood venetians, as they are made out of a far more affordable material. Even when custom made to your window frames, they are a cost-effective window furnishing solution, so they should definitely be considered.

Aluminium venetian blinds are definitely a great choice for adding privacy to your home – but that is not all they can do for you! We hope this guide has given you insight into how and why venetians are so popular, allowing you to make an informed decision about the best window furnishings for your home. If you want to speak with an expert, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Amaru on 1300 362 670