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Are you needing to prevent insect invaders from getting into your home? Amaru is your one-stop-shop for flyscreens in Melbourne and Canberra. We specialise in custom made and professionally installed fly screen doors, sliding fly screen doors and window fly screens.

Standard Flyscreens

All of our standard flyscreens are custom made for precision fit to your doors and windows; letting fresh air in while keeping creepy crawlies out. With our extensive range of colours, we have a flyscreen frame to match your home décor, and our unparalleled quality and service ensure you'll get years of insect-free living from your Amaru flyscreens.

Window Screen

Window Screen

  • Standard flyscreen mesh or Pet/ Tuff mesh
  • Large range of powder coated and anodised frames
  • Full screens or sill adaptor installation
Door Screen

Door Screen

  • Hinged, sliding or stacking options
  • Great standard colour range
  • Best price guarantee
  • Bass lock standard


Retractable Flyscreens

Bi-fold doors and French doors are fabulous for opening up your home to an alfresco or outdoor entertaining area, but they don't lend themselves to traditional flyscreens. Amaru's retractable flyscreen range is the perfect solution to the wide openings created by stackable and bifold doors.

Retractable Pleated Screens

Retractable Pleated Screens

  • Widespan stackable advantage
  • Pleated system for vertical and horizontal installation
  • High rigidity polyester mesh
  • Wind rated tensioning system
Retractable Flat Screens

Retractable Flat Screens

  • Retractable clear view design
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Suitable for windows and doors
  • Choose from Fibreglass Mesh, Pet Mesh or Midge Mesh

Colour Choices

With a huge range of standard powder coated colours and 100+ custom powder coated colours to choose from we're confident you will find the right colour to suit your home. Need help with colour? Our décor consultants are here for you!

Standard Colours



Birch White

Clear Anodise
Custom Colours


Deco Wood
Refer to deco wood swatch chart
Track Options
Track Type Standard
Track Type Zero
Mesh Type

* Due to variations in monitors and browsers, colours may appear differently. The best way to ensure that your colour choices are correct is to view a sample by booking a free measure or visiting our showroom.

FAQs about Flyscreens

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Will flyscreens make my house dark during the day?

Most flyscreens will not noticeably reduce the ambient daylight in your home; the exception is close weave solar screen mesh which does block UV rays.

Will a flyscreen keep out every insect?

Standard 18 x16 grade mesh will keep out most insects, including flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees and moths. If you live in an area where midges or fruit flies are a problem then smaller 20x20 or 20x30 mesh is available.

How do I clean my flyscreens?

Cleaning your flyscreens regularly will maintain optimum airflow and remove dirt, dust, and insect debris.


Panel flyscreens can be removed from their frame to make them easy to clean using a sponge with detergent and warm water, then rinsed off and air-dried.


Our flyscreen mesh will not corrode, rust or shrink, and the powder-coated frames wiped over using a damp cloth.


If you have chosen retractable roller type screens, these are best cleaned in place using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

Can pets damage the screen mesh?

Although standard fibreglass mesh is relatively tough, it won't withstand a pet pawing, scratching or sharpening their claws on it. For homes containing furry friends, we recommend Pet / Tuff Mesh which was designed with pets in mind.

Summer Lovin'

A gentle breeze on a summer's eve can offer blissfully cooling respite after a hot day. But accessing nature's air conditioner without the protective barrier of an insect proof screen can quickly destroy that joy.

Properly fitted flyscreens will save you on this hot summer's night.

Save you from moths bouncing off the light fittings; from the Huntsman in your shower; and, most importantly, from that incessant little mosquito doing Doppler circles around your head as you try to sleep.

Green Screens

Opening doors and windows fitted with quality flyscreens allows you to ventilate your entire home naturally; helping your home stay cooler in the warmer months without the expense and environmental impact of using artificial air conditioning.

Close weave solar screen mesh also acts like sunscreen on your windows, reducing direct sunlight and UV rays that can fade furniture, furnishings and floor coverings.

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