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Tracks & Accessories

Choosing the right curtain track system or curtain poles is integral to your new curtains or drapes' final overall look and operation. Amaru offers an extensive collection of curtain hanging hardware and accessories to suit every type of window for a perfect aesthetic finish, from near-invisible modern minimalist curtain tracks through to ornately decorative curtain rods and finials.


Curtain Mounting Options

When it comes to hanging curtains in your home, there are two broad options. There is the time-honoured and trusty curtain rail for a more formal traditional look, which sits on curtain pole brackets fixed to either the window frame or wall and uses a curtain ring and hook system to hang your curtains. Alternatively, you can use a curtain track system; these have a sleek minimalist profile for a more modern contemporary look and can be mounted to the window frame, wall or ceiling and use gliders hang your curtains. Amaru's décor consultants can help you choose which of these options will best complement your home and create the perfect drape and operation for your new curtains.

Curtain Tracks

Curtain Tracks

  • Made from durable powder coated aluminium
  • Available in a huge range of colours
  • Curtains hang from ‘gliders’, which move smoothly along the track
  • Single, double and even triple tracks are available
Curtain Poles

Curtain Poles

  • Made from a variety of different materials
  • Available in a range of colours and styles
  • Mounted above the window using curtain rod brackets
  • Curtains hang off hooks below the curtain pole
  • Single or double curtain rod options

Curtain Rod Finials

Curtain Tracks

Curtain Finials

Finials are the ornate knobs you often find on the end of a curtain rod. Amaru offers an attractive range of decorative finials to add the perfect finishing touch to your curtain rails. From minimalist flat discs and balls to ornamental glass orbs and cage designs, we have something to suit every type of décor.

Curtain Rings

Curtain Rings

If you have opted for a more traditional curtain pole, you will also need to select some curtain rings. These are used to attach your curtains and allow them to open and close with ease. We have a range of rings to choose from, allowing you to best compliment your choice of rod and décor.

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Features & Options

Amaru’s curtain tracks, rods and accessories have various features and options that can be used in conjunction with your new curtains or drapes. Speak with your consultant to see what is possible with your selection or see our display of curtain hardware in our Melbourne and Canberra showrooms.

Complete Installation

Complete Installation

Our qualified technicians will handle the installation process for you, ensuring that your curtains will look their best and operate smoothly.

Invisible Appearance

Invisible Appearance

If you want unobtrusive curtain hardware, then curtain tracks are ideal as they can be installed close to the wall, giving them an almost ‘invisible’ look.

Layered Look

Layered Look

Use a double curtain rail or track to layer two different curtains together, such as a sheer curtain with a blockout drape. We also offer a triple track to allow you to layer two curtains with a valance.



If you want to motorise your curtains, you will need to choose one of our track options. We have hardwired and wireless curtain motors that will glide your drapes along the rail at the push of a button.

Shapes & Sizes

All Shapes & Sizes

We can create a curtain mounting solution to accommodate windows of all shapes and sizes, including corners, angles, curves and bay windows.

FAQs about Tracks & Accessories

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What length curtain rail or track should I use?

This will depend on the width of your window recess and what sort of function you want your curtains to serve, such as if you want to completely block out sunlight which requires extending beyond the window frame. Contact us for a free measure and quote today.

I have a bay window – what are my options?

Both curtain tracks and poles can be fitted to bay windows. Amaru can create a custom curtain track that bends to follow the curve of the wall or use special curtain pole brackets and rings that allow the drapes to be opened and closed seamlessly.

What areas do you service?

Amaru have curtain rods for sale in both Melbourne and Canberra. We have showrooms in both Melbourne and Canberra or you can book an in-home measure and quote for Melbourne Metro & Surrounds - including the Mornington Peninsula and Canberra & Surrounds.

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