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Soft Fold Curtains

Soft-Fold curtains are an appealing, versatile and modern window treatment that beautifully showcases your drapery fabrics in soft undulating waves. The unique S-Wave heading track creates a more contemporary look than traditional pleated drapes and makes these simple, elegant on-trend curtains less bulky when stacked, opening up more of your window and view.

Soft fold curtains

Fabric Choices

Drapery fabric is an essential element of custom s-fold curtains. Each textile has unique characteristics and performance levels, so Amaru offers a comprehensive range of soft fold curtain fabrics to best match your decor and lifestyle.

Because your S-Fold curtain is an uninterrupted continuous surface, you can choose face fabrics containing patterns or unique textures with great confidence knowing they won't get distorted as they might on a pleated top curtain.

In addition, some heavier weight fabrics can be too thick to pleat but work very well in wave fold curtains and will fall nicely.



  • Huge range of plain soft fold curtain fabric in Polyesters, Cotton, Linen, Velvet and more
  • Plain modern solids, woven stripes and Jacquard styles


  • Striped soft fold curtain fabrics can give the illusion of greater ceiling height
  • Combine colours in striped fabric curtains to help coordinate with room décor


  • Patterned soft fold drapes bring together multiple colours to enhance an interior theme
  • Designer patterned drapery can create a bold window dressing that makes a statement


  • Sheer soft fold curtains let sunlight in without losing privacy
  • Soften the look of the room; add texture and movement


  • Lining can be added to the drape or on a separate track
  • Lined soft fold curtains improve insulation and their ability to block light

What are Soft Fold Curtains?

Also known as wave-fold, ripple fold and s-fold curtains, soft fold curtains get their many names from the uniform softly flowing continuous wave effect created by their unique track system.

The drapery panels, when viewed from above, form an "S" shape, and instead of pleats, the fabric is stiffened with a heading tape which attaches the curtain to the track.

The s-foldtrack is slimline and can fit into narrow allowances between windows and ceiling, making wave-fold curtains ideal for tall windows and situations where a traditional curtain rod or track won't work.


Control Options

Our Wave Fold Curtains can be operated using a number of opening combinations:

Soft Fold Curtains

Cord Drawn Soft Fold Curtains

  • Standard operation
  • Pull the cord one way to open and the other to close
  • Cord controls can be either left or right
Hand Traverse Soft Fold Curtains

Hand Traverse Soft Fold Curtains

  • Simple wand control
  • Gently pull in the desired direction to open or close
  • Child safe
Motorised Soft Fold Curtains

Motorised Soft Fold Curtains

  • Choose from remote control or switch systems
  • Control multiple curtains with one remote control
  • Power for either mains, battery pack

Suitable Areas

Ripple fold curtains are incredibly versatile and suit most rooms of the home. Because they use a simple slimline track system that can be curved or installed in areas with very narrow allowances, s-wave curtains are an excellent solution for tricky window treatment situations. Wave-fold drapes can be made on a continuous curved curtain track for bay windows or tight nooks, or as curtains for tall windows with limited ceiling clearance.

With their sleek, clean lines and smooth operation, S-fold curtains are also incredibly popular in the accommodation sector.

Living room
Home theatre

Colour Choices

To ensure the best custom soft fold curtains in Melbourne are a perfect match for your home, Amaru offers an extensive range of s-fold curtain fabric colours, from modern neutrals through to bold colours and designer patterns. Need help deciding on the perfect shade for your s-folds? Our professional interior décor consultants are here to help.

* Actual fabric colours may appear differently due to variations in monitors and browsers. The best way to ensure your colour choices are correct is to view a physical sample by booking a free measure and quote or visiting our showroom in to view our Wave Fold Curtains for sale in Melbourne or Canberra.

Features & Options

We have a variety of additional features and options that can be added to your soft fold curtains. Speak with your consultant to see what is possible with your choice of fabric, heading and operation.

Light Reducing

Light Reducing Returns

To reduce the light at the sides of your drapes we can install return brackets that neatly return the fabric to the wall.

Child Safe

Child Safe

Our motorised s-fold curtain control options offer a complete child safe solution. Cord control wave fold drapes are fitted with cord safety devices to remove the risk of accidental entanglement by children and pets.

Track Mounting

Track Mounting

The uniquely versatile s-fold curtain tracks can be ceiling or wall fixed and can even be curved to create a continuous curtain track for corners. Ceiling mounted wave fold curtains create long floor-to-ceiling vertical soft folds naturally drawing the eye upwards, creating an illusion of higher ceilings and helping to make a room feel larger than it is.



Amaru offers an extensive range wave fold curtain tracks that range from near invisible to modern decorative options.

Locally Made

Locally Made

Amaru is a proud family-owned Australian custom soft fold curtain supplier; we manufacture our made-to-measure s-fold curtains in our Melbourne workroom.

Drapes & Sheers

Layer Drapes & Sheers

For optimal control over light and privacy day and night, layer a lined s-fold drape with an s-fold sheer curtain on separate tracks.

FAQs about Soft Fold Curtains

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Where is the curtain track installed?

The tracks for all our custom curtain styles can either be installed on your window frame or wall or ceiling mounted. The best track style and position will likely depend on the design of your home and its windows. Some tracks or curtain rods require specific clearances to ensure the smooth operation of your curtains or blinds. Our consultants will be able to offer specific advice tailored to your situation.

Can wave fold curtains be motorised or automated?

Yes, we offer a range of motorised curtain track options for our s-fold curtains, from remote control operation through to automated programmable timer.

Are made to measure soft fold curtains expensive to buy?

Custom-made soft fold curtains will vary in cost based on the type of drapery fabric, linings, lengths and widths. Naturally, the more fabric and specialised manufacturing required will determine the price of a custom s-fold curtain. Whether looking for cheap soft fold curtains in simple, plain designs right through to feature soft furnishings in luxurious high-end designer textiles, Amaru will work with your budget to create a perfect solution for your windows.

What areas do you service?

Amaru have custom Wave Fold Curtains for sale in both Melbourne and Canberra. We have showrooms in both Melbourne and Canberra or you can book an in-home measure and quote for Melbourne Metro & Surrounds - including the Mornington Peninsula and Canberra & Surrounds.

How do I care for my soft fold curtains?

All Amaru custom curtains are supplied with a care label attached to their heading specificto the fabric type and care requirements of your chosen window dressing.

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