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Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds are the ultimate in automated Smart Home luxury. Most of Amaru's family of window furnishing products can be motorised, including Holland, Thermacell cellular, Roman, vertical and Venetian blinds. Whether you program your shades to open and close at designated times or use a remote, sit back, relax and take complete control over light and privacy in your home.

Suitable For

Almost every blind in the Amaru range can be motorised, providing you with the option for luxury electric window blinds for every room of your home. We can supply and install motorised blinds for skylights, motorised blinds for arched windows, motorised blinds for large windows and even motorised blinds for triangular windows.

Roller Blinds


  • Simplistic appeal
  • Blockout, translucent or sunscreen fabrics
  • Light and privacy control
Dual Roller Blinds

Dual Roller

  • Sheer fabric for daytime privacy and light control
  • Blockout fabric for night time privacy and light control
Thermacell Cellular Blinds

Thermacell Cellular

  • Modern appearance
  • Energy efficient – lowers heating and cooling costs
  • Minimal stack back
Vertical Blinds


  • Perfect for larger windows
  • Great for sliding doors
  • Excellent light and privacy control
Roman Blinds


  • Contemporary or formal look
  • Blockout, sunscreen or light filtering fabrics
  • Coordinate with curtains and blinds
Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian

  • Options for all areas of the home – dry and wet
  • Timeless design
  • Variety of paint, stain and lacquer finishes

Motor Choices

Our extensive range of blind motors allows us to provide a customised solution to suit almost every electronic blind application for any home or business. Our team will walk you through each of the options, helping to determine which will best meet your needs and budget.

A/C Line Voltage

A/C Line Voltage

  • Available for both 100V-120V & 220V-240V applications
  • Requires connection by a licensed electrician
  • Ideal for larger or linked blinds
Wireless Rechargeable Motor

Wireless Rechargeable Motor

  • Motor can be easily plugged in and recharged
  • Easily installed to most windows
  • No cost for an electrician
Wireless Battery

Wireless Battery

  • Don't need to be hard wired – no electrical work
  • Fairly unobtrusive once installed
  • Lithium batteries have a long life
Solar Powered

Solar Powered

  • Energy efficient and eco friendly option
  • Solar panel system collects UV light and stores power
  • Batteries charge without direct sunlight

Control Options

Our extensive range of automated blind controls ensures that it is easier than ever to open and close your motorised window blinds remotely. Our team can help you determine which blind motor options will best meet your needs based on your unique situation.

Home Automation

Home Automation

  • Control your blinds with your smartphone or tablet
  • Control your blinds when you’re not at home
  • Control both internal blinds and external awnings from 1 hub
Hand Held Remote

Hand Held Remote

  • Battery powered
  • Easy to use – press the up arrow to raise and down arrow to lower
  • Multi-channel controls available
Wall Mounted Switch

Wall Mounted Switch

  • Wired and wireless rocker switches
  • Perfect for arthritis sufferers
  • No worry that you will lose the remote
Led Time Programmable Remote

Led Time Programmable Remote

  • Set and forget – choose a time that you would like the blinds to raise and lower
  • Choice of hand held or wall mount
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Features & Options

We have a variety of additional features and options to enhance your custom motorised blinds. Speak with your consultant to see what is possible with your choice of remote control blind and operation.

Full Installation

Full Installation

Amaru provide a full installation service using qualified technicians, ensuring that when you install automated blinds in Melbourne or Canberra they operate correctly and safely.

Improved Security

Improved Security

Using a blind automation system or timer controlled household blinds can improve home security by giving the appearance of someone being actively at home even when all occupants are away.

Child Safe

Child Safe

The ultimate in child safety, remote control blinds completely eliminate the need for chain and cords controls removing the threat of accidental entanglement by children or pets.

Hard-to-Reach Windows

Hard-to-Reach Windows

Using electric blinds for skylights or outdoor motorised blinds for second storey windows is an ideal solution for awkward or hard-to-reach windows where manually operated shades might be impractical.

Affordable Luxury

Affordable Luxury

Once thought to be something that only the wealthy could enjoy, improvements in electric blind technology and a competitive market have made discount motorised blinds for Melbourne homeowners an affordable and practical reality.

Back Up Guarantee

Back Up Guarantee

Amaru is committed to ensuring that our automatic blinds operate seamlessly. If you experience any issues after installation, we’ll send one of our qualified technicians out as quickly as possible to fix your remote blinds in Melbourne or Canberra.

FAQs about Motorised Blinds

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How do I know which is the right motor for me?

Because many factors go into choosing the best home window blind automation solution, Amaru’s team of trained consultants will guide you through all the available options based on the style of blinds you've chosen, motor, remote controls, power, access and budget.

Can I operate all the blinds with a single remote control?

Yes, depending on the amount of windows it is possible to operate all of the motorised blinds around your home with the same remote control or home automation hub.

What if I don’t have 240v power near my windows?

Amaru has wireless, battery or solar-powered blind motors that can be fitted without requiring a qualified electrician to wire them to mains power, saving on the cost of installing electric blinds.

What happens if there is a power outage?

If you live in an area prone to regular power outages, Amaru recommends wireless, solar or battery-powered blind motors that are not hard-wired. That way you can still operate your blinds if your mains power goes out.

What areas do you service?

Amaru are proud suppliers of remote control blinds in Melbourne and Canberra. We have showrooms in both Melbourne and Canberra or you can book an in-home measure and quote for Melbourne Metro & Surrounds - including the Mornington Peninsula and Canberra & Surrounds.

How do I care for motorised blinds?

The good news is that caring for custom remote controlled blinds is not much more difficult than caring for any other window furnishings in your home.


Maintain the blind itself using the same instructions that we have provided based on the blind type you have selected.


When it comes to caring for the motor, you operate it according to the manufacturer’s directions and always ensure nothing obstructs the bottom rail during operation.


Amaru’s qualified technicians can repair or service your automatic blinds in Melbourne or Canberra.

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