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Theatre Room Curtains

Acoustic Blackout Curtains are the must-have window treatment for any home media room. Whether watching films, gaming, making or listening to music, Theatre Curtains can dramatically improve your picture and sound quality. By blocking noise and light interference, you can create a private hideaway to enjoy immersive cinematic experiences anytime, day or night, right from the comfort of home.

Fabric Choices

Amaru offers a comprehensive range of home theatre curtain fabrics to best match your decor and lifestyle. Your media room curtains are custom-made using speciality drapery material designed with unique characteristics to perform at a high level for blocking light and creating an acoustic buffer.



  • Huge range of Polyesters, Cotton, Linen, Velvet and more
  • Textured plain fabric theatre curtains in woven stripes and jacquard patterns add dimension for a high end window treatment


  • Striped media curtains can make a room appear taller
  • Combined colours in striped fabrics help coordinate a room


  • Likely to feature more than one colour; help to match a palette
  • Patterned theatre room curtains really make a statement

Heading Styles

The theatre curtain heading refers to where the top of the drapery panels attach to the track or rod. The drapery panel heading you choose can dramatically affect your finished curtains' overall look and will also influence the type of rod or track you can use. Amaru's custom media curtains are available in a variety of heading styles to achieve your desired look.

Pinch Pleat

Pinch Pleat Theater Curtains

  • Double or Triple Pleats evenly spaced
  • A traditional timeless classic
Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil Pleat/Gathered Theater Curtains

  • Soft narrow casual pleats
  • Soft, informal and less structured
Goblet Pleat Theater Curtains

Goblet Pleat Theater Curtains

  • Evenly spaced goblet shaped pleats
  • Formal traditional appearance
Reverse Box Pleat Theater Curtains

Reverse Box Pleat Theater Curtains

  • Simple, modern and structured
  • Tailored appearance
Soft Fold Theater Curtains

Soft Fold Theater Curtains

  • Modern, soft, flowing heading
  • Find out more by visiting our Soft Fold Curtains page

Drapery Lining

The lining is an essential component of quality movie theatre curtains; not only does it help to block natural light to blackout your room, but it can provide noise reduction or acoustic absorption too. A lined theatre curtain is also protected from UV fading and moisture damage and can improve your home's energy efficiency.



  • Blockout - white or Ivory coloured
  • Commonly used with uncoated fabric


  • Natural calico cotton fleck
  • Uncoated is light filtering


  • Thermal Blockout
  • Improves energy saving


  • Ideally suited to use with coloured sheers
  • Decorative blockout
Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant

  • Ideal for commercial applications
  • Great for near open fires or kitchens


  • Improves insulation
  • Increases body on light to medium weight fabrics

Control Options

Our custom media room curtains can be operated using a number of opening combinations:

Cord Drawn Theater Curtains

Cord Drawn Theater Curtains

  • Enhance the room’s other features; great for flow and harmony
  • Can have stripes or patterns woven into them
Hand Traverse

Hand Traverse Theater Curtains

  • Simple wand control
  • Gently pull in the desired direction to open or close
  • Child safe
Motorised Theater Curtains

Motorised Theater Curtains

  • Choose from remote control or switch systems
  • Control multiple curtains with one remote control
  • Power for either mains or battery pack

Colour Choices

Dark coloured curtains look the best in a dedicated home theatre room as they create a dramatic effect and absorb light creating a more intimate and enveloping feel. However, some homes may not have a specific media room, so Amaru can make acoustic and light-blocking curtains in any colour, from modern neutrals to bold colours and designer patterns.

To ensure the best home theatre curtains in Melbourne are a perfect match for your home, Amaru offers an extensive range of media curtain fabric colours. Need help deciding? Our professional interior décor consultants are here to help.

* Actual fabric colours may appear differently due to variations in monitors and browsers. The best way to ensure your colour choices are correct is to view a physical sample by booking a free measure and quote or visiting our showroom in to view our theatre curtains for sale in Melbourne or Canberra.

Features & Options

We have a variety of additional features and options that can be added to your theatre curtains. Speak with your consultant to see what is possible with your choice of fabric, heading and operation.

Child Safe

Child Safe

Our motorised theatre room curtain control options offer a complete child safe solution. Cord control media curtains are fitted with cord safety devices to remove the risk of accidental entanglement by children and pets.

Light Control

Light Control

Theatre curtains are completely lined with blockout fabric and can also be made with an interlining to ensure no sunlight can enter your media cave.

Sound proofing

Sound proofing

Our theatre curtains act as a baffle to reduce sound reflection and vibration off window glass and walls improving the overall acoustics in a room even while open. These acoustic media curtains are thicker than standard curtains and can block up to 40% of noise transfer, allowing you to watch your film or play your music without being disturbed or disturbing others.

Improved Insulation

Improved Insulation

Theatre curtains offer a passive way to improve your home's energy efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling costs. Although you may have chosen them to block light and sound, these extra thick curtains will also act as an insulating barrier keeping extreme cold and heat from entering through bare window glass.

Complete Coverage

Complete Coverage

Home theatre curtains can be made with extra length, so they pool dramatically on the floor. Extra-long theatre curtains not only look terrific, but they also provide even greater noise absorption. Amaru can also extend your theatre drapes to run the full length of a wall for a completely opulent gold class cinema look.

Improved Sound

Improved Sound

These specialty acoustics curtains help get the best possible sound out of your home theatre and Hi-Fi system. Thicker than standard curtains, the tightly woven textiles absorb and buffer soundwaves, stopping them from bouncing off window glass and other surfaces to create vibrations and flutter echo in a room.

FAQs about Theatre Room Curtains

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Will having thick heavy curtains make the room too hot and stuffy in the summer?

It is a common misconception that the thickness of your movie room curtains will make the space feel hot and stuffy during the height of summer. In truth, because of their excellent insulating properties, theatre curtains can help you create a dark, cool room into which to escape the summer heat or stay warm and cosy during winter’s chill.

How can I block sunlight completely?

For an authentic cinema experience, your home theatre should be as dark as possible. First, to achieve full blackout, have your theatre curtains extra-wide and extra-long; they need to extend past the window to touch the walls on either side and make ample contact with the floor. Secondly, install a pelmet across the top of the curtain. These two modifications together will stop any light from breaking through and prevent haloing.

Can theatre curtains be motorised or automated?

Yes, we offer motorised theatre curtain solutions so you won’t need to get up from the couch to draw the drapes on your next midday movie.

Are made to measure theatre curtains expensive to buy?

Custom-made theatre curtains will vary in cost based on the type of drapery fabric, linings, lengths and widths. Naturally, the more fabric and specialised manufacturing required will determine the price of a custom media room curtain. Whether looking for cheap theatre curtains in simple, plain designs right through to feature soft furnishings in luxurious high-end designer textiles, Amaru will work with your budget to create a perfect solution for your home theatre.

What areas do you service?

Amaru have custom theatre room curtains for sale in both Melbourne and Canberra.We have showrooms in both Melbourne and Canberra or you can book an in-home measure and quote for Melbourne Metro & Surrounds - including the Mornington Peninsula and Canberra & Surrounds.

How do I care for my theatre curtains?

Regularly dust your theatre curtains using a soft, clean cloth or feather duster. For a more thorough clean, you can use a hand held vacuum on low suction. If you plan to use any cleaning solutions on the fabric, always test it on a swatch or inconspicuous area first. All Amaru custom curtains are supplied with a care label attached to their heading specific to the fabric type and care requirements of your chosen window dressing.

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