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Sheer Curtains

Sometimes called Voile curtains, sheers create a soft, delicate ambience while allowing plenty of natural light to flow into your home. The timeless elegance of sheer and semi-sheer curtains makes them an ideal choice for adding interior privacy while still maintaining a light, airy and open feeling with your window treatment in both traditional and modern homes.

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Fabric Choices

Choosing the right fabric for your sheer curtains involves more than deciding on the perfect colour to match your interior design.

The unique properties, texture and the way various types of sheer fabric hang, along with functionality and performance for light filtering and durability, make some voile curtain textiles better suited for dressing windows than others.

Amaru's decor consultants can provide expert advice on choosing the best textiles for residential sheer curtains for homes and holiday houses through to more hardwearing sheers for high traffic commercial window treatments in offices, hotels and motels.

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Plain Sheer Curtains

Plain Sheer Curtains

  • Traditional whites and creams
  • Modern colours
Linen Sheer Curtains

Linen Sheer Curtains

  • Modern or traditional
  • Natural look
Patterned Sheer Curtains

Patterned Sheer Curtains

  • Make a decorative feature
  • Modern designs


Sheer Curtain Hem Styles

Manufactured Hem

Manufactured Hem

  • Customisable to all sheers
  • Lead Weighted Base
Lead Weighted Base

Lead Weighted Base

  • Modern look
  • Suits longer drop windows


  • Artistic design
  • Traditional look

Sheer Curtain Heading Styles

The sheer’s heading refers to where the top of the sheer drapery panel attaches to the track or rod. The sheer heading you choose can dramatically affect your finished curtains' overall look and will also influence the type of rod or track you can use. Amaru's custom sheers are available in a variety of curtain heading styles to achieve your desired look.

Pencil Pleat/Gathered Sheer Curtains

  • Soft narrow casual pleats
  • Excellent option for use on tracks that draw
Rod Pocket Sheer Curtains

Rod Pocket Sheer Curtains

  • Conduit rod slid directly into the pocket
  • Commonly used where sheer is behind a drape
Eyelet Sheer Curtains

Eyelet Sheer Curtains

  • Contemporary minimalist look
  • Threaded onto rod using eyelet rings
Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains

Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains

  • Double or Triple Pleats evenly spaced
  • Traditional drape pleat
Goblet Pleat Sheer Curtains

Goblet Pleat Sheer Curtains

  • Evenly spaced goblet shaped pleats
  • Formal traditional appearance
Reverse Box Pleat

Reverse Box Pleat Sheer Curtains

  • Simple, modern and structured
  • Tailored appearance

Control Options

Our custom sheer curtains can be operated using a number of opening combinations:

Cord Drawn Sheer Curtains

Cord Drawn Sheer Curtains

  • Standard operation
  • Pull the cord one way to open and the other to close
  • Cord controls can be either left or right
Hand Traverse

Hand Traverse Sheer Curtains

  • Simple wand control
  • Gently pull in the desired direction to open or close
  • Child safe
Motorised Sheer Curtains

Motorised Sheer Curtains

  • Choose from remote control or switch systems
  • Control multiple curtains with one remote control
  • Power for either mains, battery pack

Suitable Areas

Sheers are ideal for softening the look of any room, from a modern formal living room to a newborn’s nursery. Pale coloured or plain white sheer curtains can tone down rooms that contain dramatically coloured or patterned feature décor, enhancing these elements rather than making the room feel too busy. Dark grey or black sheer curtains are less light reflective and easier to see through than sheer white curtains, making them great for interior privacy without sacrificing day time views.

Living Room
Sheer white Curtains
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Semi-Sheer Curtains

Colour Choices

To ensure the best custom sheers in Melbourne are a perfect match for your home, Amaru offers an extensive range of sheer curtain fabric colours, from modern neutrals through to bold colours and designer patterns. Need help deciding on the perfect shade for your sheers? Our professional interior décor consultants are here to help.

* Actual fabric colours may appear differently due to variations in monitors and browsers. The best way to ensure your colour choices are correct is to view a physical sample by booking a free measure and quote or visiting our showroom in to view our Sheer Curtains for sale in Melbourne or Canberra.

Features & Options

We have a variety of additional features and options that can be added to your sheer curtains. Speak with your consultant to see what is possible with your choice of fabric, heading and operation.

Locally Made

Locally Made

Amaru is a proud family-owned Australian custom curtain supplier; we manufacture our made-to-measure sheer curtains in our Melbourne workroom.

Soften & Complement

Soften & Complement

Sheers are the perfect complement for blinds. Use sheers in front of blockout blinds to soften their look.

Colours and Patterns

Colours and Patterns

Our sheer curtain designs extend past the traditional white and ivory with a huge selection of colour and patterns.


Create Symmetry

Sheer curtains can help to create a uniform sense of balance and symmetry throughout your home regardless of whether you have different sized and shaped windows in a room.


Coloured Lining

Layer your custom sheer curtain with a matching colour coordinated lining panel on a separate track to create a simple soft window treatment that offers both night and daytime privacy.

Illusion of Height

Illusion of Height

Architects and interior designers have long used curtains to accentuate windows and openings and create an illusion of greater ceiling height. The long vertical soft folds of floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains, especially when used on windows positioned well above floor height, will naturally draw the eye upwards, helping to make a room feel larger than it is.

FAQs about Sheer Curtains

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Do sheer curtains provide privacy at night?

No.Sheer and semi-sheer curtains only provide a visual barrier into an interior during the day because of the abundance of external light. When homeowners typically turn on their internal lights at night, this reverses that visual barrier, making it easy to see into the home and harder to see out. As such, we recommend layering your sheers with a blind. blockout curtain or having a matched coloured lining panel on a separate track to ensure you have privacy after dark.

Do sheers stay permanently drawn or can they be opened?

Although most people choose to leave their window sheers closed as a daytime privacy screen, they can be easily opened and closed at will as required, provided they are fitted to a track.

Can sheer curtains be motorised or automated?

Yes, we offer a range of motorised curtain track options for our sheer curtains, from remote control operation through to automated programmable timer.

Are made to measure sheer curtains expensive to buy?

Custom-made sheer curtains will vary in cost based on the type of sheer fabric, linings, lengths and widths. Naturally, the more fabric and specialised manufacturing required will determine the price of a custom sheer curtain. Whether looking for cheap sheer curtains in simple, plain designs right through to feature soft furnishings in luxurious high-end designer sheer fabrics, Amaru will work with your budget to create a perfect solution for your windows.

What areas do you service?

Amaru have custom sheer curtains for sale in both Melbourne and Canberra. We have showrooms in both Melbourne and Canberra or you can book an in-home measure and quote for Melbourne Metro & Surrounds - including the Mornington Peninsula and Canberra & Surrounds.

How do I care for my Sheer Curtains?

Regularly dust your Sheers using a soft, clean cloth or feather duster. All Amaru custom curtains are supplied with a care label attached to their heading specific to the fabric type and care requirements of your chosen window dressing.

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