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All You Need To Know About Automation

If you are looking for a simple way to smarten up your home, why not start by automating your window coverings? Motorised curtains and blinds are just one of the many ways to add a little luxury and convenience to your day.

A common misconception about motorised blinds is that they are only available to people with modern homes and cash to splash, when in fact, they are highly affordable and easily installed even in older homes.

In Australia, electric blinds are quickly becoming a common feature in both residential and commercial properties.

Motorised window treatments let you enjoy complete light control minus the messy looking cords and rods. Just press a button or programme them to open and close automatically for the ultimate in ease and energy efficiency.

Continue reading to find out how motorised window furnishings can improve the comfort of your home and add to your quality of life.

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Motorised Blinds for Windows

What are motorised window treatments?

As the name suggests, motorised window treatments are blinds, curtains or awnings fitted with an electronically controlled motor allowing them to operate via remote control, wall mounted switch, smartphone, tablet or home automation system.

Automating your window coverings does away with the need to manually raise or lower blinds or open and close curtains, one window at a time using a manual chain, cord or rod system. Instead, you can conveniently open one or several window coverings effortlessly and even remotely, depending on the automated system you choose.

How do motorised window furnishings work?

At Amaru, we supply a comprehensive range of electronic window furnishing options to suit your window type, lifestyle and budget.

Motorised curtains can be hardwired to run directly off your home's mains power or can be battery operated for convenient installation anywhere in your home without the need for an electrician. We even offer solar-powered blind motors for the ultimate in eco-friendly energy efficiency.

Child and Pet Safety

When it comes to safety, motorised shades are the best alternative for your home because they don't require any cables, strings, or chains. In addition to their sleek aesthetic appeal, they can provide you with the comfort of knowing no curious and adventurous beings risk accidental entanglement.


Remote controlled blinds and curtains remove the need to manually open and close your window furnishings, so you won't have to get out of bed or off the couch to adjust the natural light in the room automatically.Motorised blinds are also useful for difficult-to-reach windows, like second storey and clerestory (windows that rise above an adjoining roof) windows.


Motorised blinds operated by a smartphone, tablet, or other third-party home automation technology give you control over your window furnishings from any location, even when you're away from home. By actively opening blinds during the day and lowering them at night, your home will appear occupied, which is a proven deterrent for would-be intruders scoping out houses to burgle.


Automated window furnishings, especially when fitted with a UV sensor, are a great addition to any household looking to reduce its power consumption. By automatically opening and closing blinds on an optimal schedule, you can make the most of passive solar heating in winter and heat blocking in summer, letting you cut back on your heater and air-conditioner use.

Home improvement

Motorised window treatments undeniably add a "wow" element to any home. They're sleek, fashionable, easy to use, and they do wonders for the look and feel of your home. Amaru provides motorised blinds in various materials to meet your needs, including sun shades, blackout shades, and ornamental shades, all meticulously crafted to look stunning from every angle.

Which window furnishings can be motorised?

Buying motorised blinds made in Australia is easy because they are available to suit a wide variety of window treatments.

Amaru provides quality custom window furnishings in colours, patterns, shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your décor, home and lifestyle, including roller blinds, vertical blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, curtains, awnings and more.

If you are interested in motorising the blinds in your home or office, please get in touch, and an Amaru décor consultant can provide you with all the information you need.