Creative Ways To Tie Back Curtains In Canberra

If you are loathe to leaving curtains in Canberra limply hanging either side of the window, you are probably on the lookout for some creative ways to tie them back and keep them out of the way. Use any of the ideas below to instantly see an improvement in how your curtains sit when opened:

  • Use an attractive leather belt with an ornate buckle (think old Western style). This looks great in children’s bedrooms, especially for little boys who love cowboys.
  • Use a coloured bandana to hold the cloth together. Make sure you use a colour that complements the other furniture and fixtures in your space, or even the curtains themselves.
  • Use a length of clean chain that you have lying around (or buy some from a hardware store). Leave it silver or spray paint it in a colour that matches the rest of the space.
  • Use a piece of thick ribbon (around 1 inch wide) in a complementary colour to tie back curtains in Canberra. You could also braid three strands of ribbon for a slightly different look.
  • Use some unused men’s ties in the same colour or pattern. Make sure that they’re knotted as if they’re going to be worn, then slip them around the hem of the curtain.

There are plenty of other ways that you can tie back curtains in Canberra in a creative way – why not use fake garlands of holly around Christmas time, or a piece of rope? Keep your eye out for other ideas as you shop and you are sure to come up with something different.