Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Blinds

When homeowners are considering the purchase of outdoor blinds to protect their alfresco dining and entertaining areas, it is likely that they will have many questions before they come to a final decision. We have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions; hopefully they help you out and allow you to come to a decision on how to proceed.

“What areas are these sorts of blinds most suited to?”
The great thing is that you can use these window coverings in almost any outdoor entertaining area with ease, from your verandah and pergola to your gazebo and carport. They are suitable for use all year round and are highly effective in protecting these areas from the elements.

“How do I secure my blind if I only want it halfway down?”
We generally use something called a cellar door anchor to secure the bottom of the covering to the ground or pavers; a clip is attached to the anchor that will move up and down as you wind it. To open it halfway, you will need a secondary cellar door anchor fitted.

“What sorts of guarantees are offered on outdoor blinds?”
Generally, most products are covered under a one year warranty. During this time, if the window covering sustains damage due to general use (such as wind damage) they can be fixed free of charge. Just keep in mind that you may have to pay for damage that isn’t covered by the warranty.

“How much are these sorts of blinds worth?”
Because these window coverings are custom made to suit the individual spaces of your home, they will cost a bit more than standard sized blinds would be. As these coverings are made using high quality materials, however, they will last you many years without issue.

Whilst we hope that we have answered the most pressing question that you have about outdoor blinds, we understand that there are many other queries that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact a blind professional with your other questions before you come to a final decision. Once you have received the answers you seek, you should be good to go.