How to Adjust the Temperature Yourself Using Your Sun Awnings

As the weather begins to heat up, we are slowly reducing our reliance on our thermostats to keep our houses warm. However, we will quickly begin to wish for winter again when our homes become unbearably hot! If you’re looking for ways to adjust the temperature yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. Awnings are a great way to keep your house cool during even our hottest summer days.

Window Awnings

Before air conditioners, we actually relied on this method to cool our homes during the day. This style isn’t designed to shade your exterior areas, but rather they are used predominantly to keep your house cool by regulating the amount of sunlight coming through your windows. If you’re looking for an awning that sits directly over your window, consider our standard or pivot arm models.

Al Fresco Awnings

These awnings are most commonly seen over patios and outdoor dining areas. Attached to the side of the house, they can be opened and closed either manually or motorised for your convenience. This style offers shade for your al fresco areas and covers your windows, preventing heat build-up from the sun keeping your house nice and cool. For an awning that creates an outdoor space, choose our channel, retractable or straight drop styles.

Are there other solutions?

There are other ways to keep your home cool as well. If you’re looking for an interior solution, consider blinds – especially for the rooms in your house that face that late afternoon western sun. Just like awnings, any fabric that keeps the sun from your home, or reduces the glare, will keep your house cooler during summer. Dual rollers that come are a great option, as you can choose the level of protection you receive. We recommend blockout and sunscreen; use the former for those 30+ days and keep them down all day, and use the later for regular use, to let in natural light without the full force of the sun’s rays.

What can I do during winter?

Heating costs during the cooler months can be a huge expense too, which is why we’re happy to announce that those same awnings that keep the temperature down during summer are a great way to keep your warm during winter. They form a layer of insulation that windows alone simply can’t offer, which in turn helps to trap the heat inside. At Amaru, we’ve tested a range of our products for their insulating abilities – feel free to speak with our décor consultants for the results if you’re looking to cut down your heating bill as well.

As you can see, relying on your thermostat isn’t necessarily the only way to keep your home cool these days. In fact, long before we begun using air conditioning, we relied on awnings to keep the temperature down during summer. If you want to see how our range of awnings can help your home – and your energy bill – then pop into our showroom or contact our team today!