How To Remove Moss From Canvas Awnings

Because your canvas awnings are constantly exposed to rain and other elements, they are more susceptible to moss invasions than many of the other materials you could choose between. If you have been neglecting your awnings of late, you might be relieved to find that it is possible to remove any moss growths that have developed and restore the canvas as much as possible.

 Step 1: Sweep the outside of the awning to remove dust, twigs and any other debris that has accumulated. You may need to use a ladder to access those hard to reach areas up high.

Step 2: Apply some oxygen bleach to the surface of the awning, focusing on the spots where moss has taken hold. You can spread the bleach using either a chemical sprayer or a simple spray bottle.

Step 3: Take a scrubbing brush and use it to gently scrub the covering until all of the moss has been removed from the canvas. Rinse the area with the garden hose, starting at the top and working down.

Step 4: Apply some fabric sealant to the top of the newly cleaned canvas awning to help prevent further moss growth. You will also find that this will protect the area from further water damage and stains.

Step 5: Repeat each of the above steps on the inside of the awning to remove any moss growth that has developed there. Whilst it is not necessary to remove the covering, it may be helpful if it’s in a difficult spot.

Note: If you are working on a large covering, you might find it easier to conduct the cleaning and scrubbing in stages. If you let the oxygen bleach sit for too long on the canvas, it can have an unpleasant drying effect.

Once you have completely removed the moss that has decided to call your canvas awning home, it is important that you stay on top of cleaning and maintenance tasks to ensure that this problem does not arise again. You should also make sure that you regularly re-apply the fabric sealant to the canvas to ensure that the surface is protected from this damage.