Repairing A Leaky Aluminium Awning

If you properly care for your aluminium awnings, they can last for years without any problems. Eventually, however, it is likely that your awnings will begin to experience issues with rust and other sorts of damage, which are known to cause leaks. Fortunately, these problems can be rectified quite easily, ensuring that your windows remain protected.

Step 1: Remove any screws that can be found near the source of the leak, then clean away rust using a wire brush and replace the old screws with new, stainless steel ones. Make sure that the screws are slightly larger so that they will completely seal the hole.

Step 2: Mix together a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid, then use it to clean the awning of any dirt or grease. Rinse the area with clean water and dry using an old towel. You can then apply an aluminium sealing tape around the leaking area, which will last a few months.

Step 3: If you have more time to repair the leak, apply a line of polyether sealant to cracks or gaps in the awning after the aluminium has dried. Make sure that you use an exterior grade sealant that is also UV resistant. As it dries, the sealant will fill in the cracks.

Step 3: Apply a rubbing compound directly to the oxidised areas and lightly rub it in, using circular motions, until the surface is smooth to the touch. Do not rub through the paint, just remove the oxidisation.

When it comes to fixing a leaky aluminium awning, you are fortunate in having two options. If you need a quick fix (perhaps it’s about to rain or you’re having guests over), use the temporary fix of aluminium sealing tape. If you want a more permanent fix for your awning, however, make sure that you use a polyether sealant that is suitable for aluminium.