The Benefits of Choosing Custom Made Blinds over Ready Made Blinds

After making the decision to install some new blinds in your home or workplace, it is likely that you will be faced with the decision of whether you should opt for custom made blinds in Melbourne or their ready-made alternative. Though each option performs the same function, it is important that you understand the key differences between the blinds in order to choose a solution that best meets your needs. In order to make a well-thought out decision, we have complied a list of the key similarities and differences between the two.

Custom Blinds

To be considered ‘custom made blinds’, the fabric must have been made to fit the exact measurements of the client’s windows. It means that an experienced sales representative will come to your home and take the required measurements, before taking them back to the factory and having the window coverings made.

  • These blinds are able to be matched perfectly to the existing decor of the room, ensuring that they blend in seamlessly. You have choice of material and even colour.
  • These window furnishings will be made from the highest quality materials, ensuring the stand the test of time and can withstand extended exposure to the sun’s rays.
  • This option will provide your windows with the perfect fit, ensuring that every inch of glass has been adequately covered and that your home is free from prying eyes.
  • A perfect fit is also a key factor in improving your homes energy efficiency, as it can reduce the amount of hot sun-light entering your space during summer and increase the thermal resistance to cool air during winter. Your house will be a comfortable temperature all year round, and you can save on your energy bill as well!

Ready Made Blinds

Blinds that are considered ready made have been produced in some standard or common window sizes. It means that clients will need to choose a size that is the closest fit to their windows or one that is larger so that they can be cut down and fitted to the window easily.

  • These coverings are less-likely to be of a high quality, as manufacturers are inclined to keep costs low at all points of production.
  • This will provide your windows with a fit that is very rarely perfect; sometimes the panels are left to drag on the floor or gaps are created when they haven’t been cut down properly.
  • These blinds are generally only available in a small range of set colours and materials – this means sacrifices will have to be made in terms of achieving the perfect colour scheme for your home’s interior.

As you can see, though there are advantages that are apparent with both options, it is custom made blinds that can offer the most attractive finish, the best fit, and the most energy saving benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about how these blinds can enhance your home or workplace, call experienced team on 1300 362 670 today! We’re happy to visit you at your convenience for a free measure and quote.