Using Outdoor Window Awnings To Reduce Summer Energy Costs

With summer well and truly on the horizon, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce the large bills often experienced through constant use of the air conditioner. One such way to achieve this is through the addition of outdoor window awnings. The other benefit of these coverings is that they will protect your interior furnishings from the harsh summer sun.

Why do our energy costs increase?

According to Michelle Sahlin, the managing director of the Professional Awning Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA), the sun’s rays through the glass can account for as much as 20% of the load experienced by our air conditioners during the summer. The addition of awnings can help to reduce the direct solar gain through our windows, lessening the strain on our appliances.

Many homeowners don’t realise that there are more affordable and eco friendly ways to keep cool during the summer. Whilst turning up the air conditioner is one way to achieve this, it does result in higher energy bills and can even shorten its life expectancy. Awnings will work with the appliance to keep your home cooler and reduce the need for extra energy to be used.

How can awnings help?

Studies performed by experts around the world have determined that fabric awnings can reduce heat gain by as much as 65% during the hours that the sun shines directly on southern-facing windows and as much as 77% when it comes to western-facing ones. Imagine how much cooler your home will feel when heat isn’t constantly pouring through the glass.

What types and styles are available?

There are several different types of outdoor window awning to choose from, including: standard, straight drop, zip/channel, pivot arm, retractable and Dutch hood/canopies. The great thing about most of these types is that they can be folded or rolled up during the winter, when you want the sunlight to come into your home and help to keep it warm.

The good news is that most awning fabrics have been treated with water-repellent and even stain-resistant finishes, whilst others are also flame retardant. The frames are usually constructed using either galvanised steel or aluminium. The end result is a product that is able to withstand the elements with ease and will continue to look its best for longer.

If you’re looking to lower the energy costs associated with running your air conditioner this summer, Amaru is here to help!